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Teledyne Scientific & Imaging Overview
Teledyne Scientific & Imaging is composed of two business units: Teledyne Scientific Company and Teledyne Imaging Sensors.

Teledyne Scientific Company
Teledyne Scientific Company (TSC) is focused on leading-edge R&D and niche products. The Electronics Division develops high speed electronics, MEMS sensors and actuators, and compound semiconductors. The Materials & Optics Division covers a broad range of R&D, including ceramic composites for next-generation rocket nozzles, energy harvesting technologies, electronic device packaging, biomaterials, and liquid crystal-based optical devices. The Information Sciences Division has key areas of expertise in autonomous systems, image and sensor processing, sensor and information fusion, resource allocation and planning, computational fluid dynamics, control and power systems, and wireless networking and network security. TSC produces a steady stream of intellectual property, software, and new products, which find application in high-impact government and commercial applications.


Teledyne Imaging Sensors
Teledyne Imaging Sensors (TIS) is primarily engaged in the design, development and production of high performance infrared and visible sensor subsystems used in space missions, long range terrestrial surveillance and targeting and astronomy applications. Two of TIS’s largest customers are NASA, for whom we are developing sensors on the James Webb Space Telescope, and the Army, for whom we are developing “third generation” infrared tactical imaging systems that will be fielded later this decade. TIS also has developed and is manufacturing laser eye protection spectacles, whose initial application is to protect military pilots.


Delivering the Winning Technical Edge™ by Providing R&D and Specialty Products

Recent News

September 3, 2014
Teledyne Achieves Success in Live Fire Testing of Guided Munitions under DARPA‘s EXACTO Program. READ MORE

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